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Bread, oat bran
Bread, oat bran, toasted
Bread, oatmeal
Bread, oatmeal, toasted
Bread, pita, white, enriched
Bread, pita, whole-wheat
Bread, protein (includes gluten)
Bread, pumpernickel
Bread, pumpernickel, toasted
Bread, raisin, enriched
Bread, raisin, toasted, enriched
Bread, reduced-calorie, oat bran
Bread, reduced-calorie, oat bran, toasted
Bread, reduced-calorie, oatmeal
Bread, reduced-calorie, rye
Bread, reduced-calorie, wheat
Bread, reduced-calorie, white
Bread, rice bran
Bread, rye
Bread, rye, toasted
Bread, wheat (includes wheat berry)
Bread, wheat, toasted (includes wheat berry)
Bread, wheat bran
Bread, wheat germ
Bread, white, commercially prepared (includes soft bread crumbs)
Bread, white, commercially prepared, toasted
Bread, white, prepared from recipe, made with nonfat dry milk
Bread, white, prepared from recipe, made with low fat (2%) milk
Bread, whole-wheat, commercially prepared
Bread, whole-wheat, commercially prepared, toasted
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