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Grape juice, frozen concentrate, sweetened, diluted with 3 volume water, with added vitamin C
Groundcherries, (cape-gooseberries or poha), raw
Guavas, common, raw
Guavas, strawberry, raw
Guava sauce, cooked
Jackfruit, raw
Java-plum, (jambolan), raw
Jujube, raw
Jujube, dried
Kiwi fruit, (chinese gooseberries), fresh, raw
Kumquats, raw
Lemons, raw, without peel
Lemons, raw, with peel
Lemon juice, raw
Lemon juice, canned or bottled
Lemon juice, frozen, unsweetened, single strength
Lemon peel, raw
Limes, raw
Lime juice, raw
Lime juice, canned or bottled, unsweetened
Loganberries, frozen
Longans, raw
Longans, dried
Loquats, raw
Mammy-apple, (mamey), raw
Mangos, raw
Mangosteen, canned, syrup pack
Melons, cantaloupe, raw
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