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Main Meals / Recipe - Mexican Beef Recipe

400gr beef cut in stripes, 200gr zucchetti diced, 100 gr onions cut in 1/4 rings, 100 gr green peppers diced, 200 gr tomato diced, 1 dl red wine, 0.5 dl chilisauce, galic, salt pepper, 1 dl sun flour oil, 100gr grated mozarella, 1 small can chili beans.


Brown meat slightly on high heat. take meat out of pan and put in butterd baking pan, stirfry zucchetti, onions and peppers each separatly and add to baking pan add raw tomato dices and bake covered for 15 min in 350F Oven.

Note: Serve with rice, hot sauce and beans with cheese, each seperatly.

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